Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Affiliate Marketing

As you know you can use your blog to sell almost any kind of product by Affiliate Marketing.
You just need to write an article and if a customer buys the product from your link you get your commision.
Usually companies offer just a mere 3-5% but if the product is rather expensive I can live with it.
This happends for real life object. A much greater oportunity is with selling software. Here your commision can be something like 10% or maybe even 15%

What I found is rather impressive: a software company that offers 30% commision.
IGoUSB is an usb backup software that can help you backup anything in just seconds. The program protects your photos, music , videos or any kind of personal document. It is fast and simple to use.
The price for it is 69.99$ so for every sale you get a bit more than 20 $ .

Also they offer a free license so you can see/use the product for yourself.